✨Talent Manager

What we're looking for

We are looking for someone to review all of our services and independently source talented and cost-effective individuals to be on standby for our marketing agency.

For each service, we require a minimum of three skilled individuals ready to be called upon to work for our clients. Once acquired, you will also need to check in with them every few weeks or two to ensure their continued activity and readiness.


  • Sourcing Talented workers for our Service list

  • Maintaining our relationship with said workers

Skills Needed to Be an Account Executive

  • Organizational skills As we have many services and clients, it is highly important that you can efficiently organize data so we can input every asset into our Notion databases with ease.

  • Negotiation skills Account executives must be adept at handling concerns and negotiating with freelancers to maintain relationships.

  • Sales skills Be able to bring down prices where needed by leveraging the fact that we are an agency and will be bringing them future clients.

  • Project management skills Account executives may have multiple accounts to manage, so they must understand how to keep projects moving.

  • Interpersonal skills Talent Managers must have excellent people skills, allowing them to work with various internal departments and clients.

  • Analytical skills As a Talent Manager become more senior, they may be expected to analyze industry data and trends to assist their teams.

The Bottom Line

A Talent Manager must be proactive and willing to put the work in to find the best our industry has to offer, whilst keeping costs low and managing a healthy relationship between the agency and our hire’s.

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